Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Hours

The holiday season for 2012 is upon us and the Ysleta Branch Library will be observing special hours during Christmas and New Years.

                                                 Christmas Week
                                      Sunday          Dec 23     Closed
                                      Monday         Dec 24     Closed
                                      Tuesday        Dec 25     Closed
                                      Wednesday   Dec 26     9am - 5pm
                                      Thursday       Dec 27     9am - 5pm
                                      Friday           Dec 28     9am - 5pm
                                      Saturday       Dec 29     9am - 5pm

                                               New Years Week
                                     Sunday          Dec 30    Closed
                                     Monday         Dec 31    Closed
                                     Tuesday        Jan 1       Closed
                                     Wednesday   Jan 2       9am - 5pm
                                     Thursday       Jan 3       9am - 5pm
                                     Friday           Jan 4       9am - 5pm
                                     Saturday       Jan 5       9am - 5pm

Santa Visits YS

Jolly St. Nicholas made an appearance at the Ysleta Branch Library on December 13, 2012, spreading his joyous message of peace, joy and giving for this Christmas season. The kids all were thrilled to see Santa after singing Christmas carols. They all had a turn telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Ho Ho Ho!


The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Like many of Maggie Stiefvater’s previous novels, The Raven Boys takes existing paranormal myths and legends and weaves them into something new and creative.

Blue Sargent was raised in an unconventional home, living with not only her clairvoyant mother, but also with numerous relatives and friends who were similarly gifted with the Sight. Blue, unfortunately, does not have the same abilities. Instead, she has a rather grim prophecy hanging over her head that has been repeated to her many times throughout her life: her true love is destined to die. As a result, her mother warns her never to kiss anyone, and Blue—ever practical—complies.

Every year on St. Mark’s Eve, Blue accompanies her mother to the ruin of an old church in their hometown of Henrietta, Virginia to transcribe the names of the spirits walking the “corpse road.” These spirits belong to the people who will die within the coming year. But this year, things were different. Not only does Blue’s mother send her half-sister Neeve in her stead, but more importantly, for the first time, Blue sees the spirit of a young man. She recognizes, by the raven emblem on his uniform, that he attends a local private school. Shaken by this turn of events, she scrambles to get his name before he disappears with the other spirits. She hopes there might be some way she can help him, but unfortunately, there is another pressing issue at play. Seeing a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve when you’re a non-Seer means that you’re either going to fall in love with that person or kill that person. Either way it means the young man Blue sees, Gansey, is marked for an early death.

Inevitably Blue and Gansey cross paths, and she befriends him and his group of troubled friends from the prestigious Aglionby Academy.  Blue finds herself breaking her two cardinal rules, to stay away from boys because they are trouble and to steer clear of Aglionby boys in particular because they are known to be jerks. Together, Blue and her “raven boys” embark on an adventure that is as dangerous as it is exciting.

As someone who enjoys folklore and history, I found the discussion of ley lines and sleeping Welsh kings intriguing. I also enjoyed that the characters had many layers. Blue was practical, but when Gansey’s friend Adam starts to show romantic interest in her, that practicality starts to show cracks. Even Gansey, who is the epitome of confidence, has moments when he is uncertain of his position among his friends.  Even though these characters deal with some pretty heavy situations, they still have the compulsion, as many teenagers do, to test the limits of their impending adulthood. Blue not only defies her mother’s wishes for her to stay away from the Aglionby boys, but she also strains against the boundaries of the prophecy. The boys also push the limits not only when it comes to their quest, but also when it comes to school and their personal relationships. These characters have real depth and experience real development as the story goes on.

The Raven Boys Cycle will include four novels with the second novel tentatively set to release in Fall 2013. For me, the wait is going to be excruciating. In the meantime, I can highly recommend The Raven Boys as a great paranormal mystery with a fantastic cast of characters and an engaging and exciting plot.
Jennifer Montes

Snapshot Day 2012 at YS!

It is that time of year again, October 31, 2012, for Snapshot Day at the El Paso Public Libraries where each year statistics, stories and images of the library and patron are collected. Here the Ysleta patrons are shown working attentively to their studies, research, internet inquiries and reading their preferred book of the moment.

Halloween Party!

Ysleta Branch had a Halloween celebration for our young patrons. The kids participated in a skit of the Chocolate Chip Ghost Story. They also took part in games and a craft where they fashioned frightening monster feet. Candy, cookies and monster punch were enjoyed along with an ample amount of fun!


Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De los Muertos is a traditional Mexican  holiday that reunites and honors beloved ancestors, family and friends. On November 1, 2012 Ysleta Branch Library celebrated this holiday with a craft class where the patrons painted sugar skulls to their own liking.

A Mad Tea Party

From the pages of the Lewis Carroll classic the Ysleta Branch reenacted a tea party for the patrons of the library featuring a craft in hat making. This Alice in Wonderland themed affair was held on August 16, 2012 and was complete with party favors and decorations. The function began with everyone making their own hats out of brightly colored paper. There were hat designs ranging from the unaccustomed curiosity to the uncanny eccentric. Their inventive headgear was then celebrated with a tea party. It was lots of fun for all!

Chalk the Walk!

On Saturday, September 15, 2012 patrons of the Ysleta Library were invited to express an artistic flair. They were asked to show what their heritage meant to them in the form of chalk drawings on our front walkway. Mexican heritage was the theme on most of the drawings.

Kitemaking at Ysleta

Kitemaking was first developed 2800 years ago in China but on August 22, 2012 a roomful of kids and parents all learned how easy it is to make and fly a kite. There were 3 different designs that were shown, including an easy preschool kite for the small kids, a butterfly kite and a miniature kite. Afterwards they went outside to try out their makings in the wind. The kids and parents all had a great time. Look for another kitemaking class coming this March when the windy season returns.